Smart City Platform

OP Master City Control & Management Software is the Smart City Management software to manage Streetlights, Traffic, Parking, Waste, Water, Buildings and more.

OpenPark Master City Central Management Software

With OP Master Connect, you connect to any IoT device on any network or any external data source to  feed your City Master dashboard, smart rules,  data analytics and alarms.

Create your connector and simply write your data decoder to collect, record and manipulate millions of data points from any IoT equipment. The solution comes with connectors for LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LwM2M, Linky, TALQ and many other networks. The solution already supports devices from many IoT suppliers, but you can have your own!

With OP Master Connect, flexibility and scalability is at your fingertips.

Main OP Master features

  • Remote programming of the time periods for each area
  • Diagnosis and email alerts
  • Festive illuminations management via the cabinet (contactor management, contact input, counter interface)
  • Hosting on OpenPark SaaS Infrastructure or as On-site
  • Server located at the customer premise or Data Center
  • Role based users accounts
  • Dynamic & Adaptive lighting using add-on sensors for Pedestrian detection, Radar-based Vehicle detection and Environmental Sensing (Weather Stations, Particle Matter Sensor, CO2 Sensor etc.)

Asset Management

Our smart city software platform manages any smart city asset: outdoor luminaires, waste containers, water, gas & electrical meters, electrical cabinets, traffic cabinets, surveillance cameras, cables & pipelines and more. The solution doesn’t only provide with ways to enrich each asset properties but also to manage parts, like for example, the model of LED panels and LED drivers for an outdoor luminaire.

Unlike most competitors, the solution is designed with a flexible and dynamic data model that allows end-users to create their own asset data structure, making this a smart city platform that can control and manage each smart city asset.

Centralized Alarming & Reporting

OP Master collects millions of data sent by the smart city IoT devices that are deployed in your city. From these data, City Master provides a rule engine to detect abnormal situations and, when needed, to create, manage and clear alarms and associated tickets for operators to execute associated action plans. In addition, City Master provides a report manager that enables you to understand any situation and track progress.

Unlike most of its competitors, OP Master does not only provide an alarm viewer but also manage the associated tickets for the right operator, an employee of the city or a contractor, to execute the associated action plan.

Data Analytics

The OP Master Smart City Software Platform can manage millions of devices and the associated massive amount of raw data that they produce every day. City Master provides you with a unique powerful and natural query language to get the best out of these data:  create reports, identify issues, analyze assets. With City Master, you also get built-in trend charts and pattern identification.

While many of its competitors provides exports of collected data, City Master builds an entire flexible application framework around the data to help you get the essence out of it and take valuable decisions.

Rules & Automation Engine

OP Master’s automation engine is unique: you drag and drop logic blocks to design your own logic, your own conditions, and actions to create new reports only when needed, to generate new alarms, to trigger any action on the end-device or on a 3rd party application, to calculate a new variable or to update an asset property.

While other systems provide basic threshold alarming tool (if voltage is above 245 volts, create an alarm), OP Master enables you to create advanced scenario which take into account the time in the day, the value of multiple attributes, the nature of the device and more, not to generate multiple, but the right, alarm and action.

Secure & Scalable

All the release testing of the OP Master smart city platform is performed by professionals with not less than 500,000 devices. The architecture of OP Master is multi-cloud. OP Master runs on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OVH, Amazon Cloud as well as any other cloud. OP Master even runs on your own servers (on-premises installation) if you prefer to be cloud-independent and run your smart city in your local control center.

While some of our competitors are cloud-dependent and some others are still running on a simple non-scalable MySQL database, we designed OP Master to be a solution for small projects as well as for the largest projects world-wide, with the same performance.

Control Programs & Schedulers

Smart Streetlight and Smart Water absolutely require control program and schedulers to send operations  programs to IoT devices, luminaire controllers and valves,  to run their own edge-logic to switch ON, dim and switch  OFF depending on local conditions.

While generic IoT platforms are mostly mono-directional, City Master is not only fully bi-directional but  can also deploy edge  computing programs composed of  complex lighting-specific control programs that allow  groups of luminaire to switch ON/DIM/OFF depending on  ambient light or the position of the sun, to react on local  presence sensors during active period or to dim light level  depending on the traffic in the street.

Software Architecture