OpenPark Smart Terminals

OpenPark entry and exit terminals are the main access control terminals at parking gates where entry terminal can allow for automated entry through RFID tag, QR code one time pass, or License plate recognition (LPR) camera. It can also dispense a blank RFID card as option or even for legacy system requirements it can print a ticket for guests and exit terminals would check the status of the ticket on the system if it were already paid then the exit terminal can open the gate..

Every vehicle entry/exit record is documented with a snapshot and or Video clip with time stamp, relevant ticket or RFID card data used in the event.

IP Voice Intercom based on SIP protocol to integrated with any third-party IP telephony or standard based Intercom solution or even with IP integrated radio systems

With each entry and exit event the LPR camera will take a snapshot of the license plate and the number would be recognized on the OpenPark server on local proxy Gate controller or directly on the OpenPark cloud.

The entry terminals can also control gate LED displays to show the number of free spots or any other programmable messages with possibility of customizing data from OpenPark server database through customization module.

Main features

  • Time and date display, Voice prompt.
  • QR code ticket printing and scanning.
  • Removable ticket tray with capacity of 1000 fan-folded tickets (expandable with additional trays)
  • Online and offline operation with server synchronization through TCP/IP
  • Available communication interfaces: Ethernet port, WIIF integrated module, USB, RS-232
  • Battery backup for real-time clock.
  • Thermostatically controlled heater/ventilation fan with on/off/auto switch.
  • Operating temp -10 deg C to 70 deg C
  • IP65 outdoor protected housing
  • Access control optional support for Mifare RFID (13.5MHz), Proximity cards (125KHz), Long range RFID (UHF EPC Global), QR code printed ticket, anonymous ticket printing for guest through push button, mobile app scanning for gate QR code through cloud solution or remotely by operator.
  • License plate recognition option supported, requires the OGC (OpenPark Gate controller) and OP-LPR (License plate recognition) engine license
  • Multiple ticket option through administration interface according to RFID card or pre-printed ID with QR code.
  • Special ticket for valet parking.
  • Ticket sensor for low or empty tray
  • IP Voice Intercom based on SIP protocol to integrated with any third-party IP telephony or standard based Intercom solution or even with IP integrated radio systems.


Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50/60HZ, Max. 1.5A
Operating temperature-10℃-70℃, humidity 10%~95%
Environment protectionIP65
Reader typeEM-ID, Mifare-IC, EPC Gen2, Barcode ticket printer and reader RFID card dispenser / acceptor
RFID Reading optionsMifare 5-10cm Passive long range 3-12m
Printing and verifying<1s
LCD DisplayActive bright LCD display with LED backlight
Intelligent Control Unit  Intel® or ARM architecture4GB DDR4 / 64GB SSD1x Line-out / Mic-inInterfaces 1LAN, 4xUSB, 1xRS-232
IntercomIP based audio intercom available with client software for the security operator
Ticket printer / checker1 D & 2D Barcode Print & Read capability Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417, QRCODEUSB interface with control unitTicket printing with automatic cutter up to 1 million cutsBarcode ticket reader integrated

Membership/VIP Card entry / exit

Membership/VIP License Plate entry / exit

Visitor / Mission QR entry / exit

Visitor / Mission invitation LPR entry / exit

Anonymous guest entry / exit

Order information

  • ES-01: Basic Entry / Exit Terminal with Barcode checker
  • ES-02: with Barcode ticket printer
  • ES-03: Barcode ticket checker, Bluetooth mobile access
  • ES-0x-RF: Integrated RFID reader
  • ES-0x-RF-P: Proximity
  • ES-0x-RF-M: Mifare RFID type with card reader
  • ES-0x-RF-MD: Mifare RFID type with card dispenser
  • ES-0x-RF-L: Long range
  • ES-0x-V: Audio Video intercom



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