Parking Guidance

Parking Guidance systems are the set of embedded devices and software that can count the and detect vehicles at parking gates and in each parking spot and provide availability information for car drivers approaching the parking gate or searching for free spot inside the parking lot.

The System architecture is shown in below diagram with the following main components:

  1. PGS server
  2. PGS Controllers
  3. PGS sensors
  4. PGS displays
  5. Find My Car Kiosk

Parking Guidance Server

Communication between parking sensors and and the management system requires local network that can be serial RS-485 or Ethernet communication according to the used sensor technology. For legacy ultrasonic sensors a local zone controller is required to translate the serial bus communication from sensors and LED displays to the TCP/IP Ethernet communication interface of the management server. For advanced video sensors it is possible to use a local server or directly connect to the cloud through TCP/IP.

iPark is our main guidance software that power OpenPark PGS Gateway to receive all data from the PGS sensors, perform all counting for space availability in each zone and publish availability information on LED displays indoor and outdoor. The iPark PGS appliance server can control all guidance services inside the parking local network and can also communicate the data to the OpenPark cloud so that car drivers can use OpenPark Mobile App to find available spaces and navigate to the parking lot gate.

OpenPark mobile App can also start a booking session or a real time entry and exit action at the parking gate.

iPark video server is used to record the video streams from the Video Parking sensors as video and recorded events whenever a car leaves or returns to a parking spot.

Order information

  • PGS-IPARK iPark Parking Guidance Server Software license
  • PGS-V-SERV iPark Parking Guidance Video Server-500 (NVR Hardware)
  • IVS-ENT Intellio IVS Enterprise NVR server license (per PGS-V-SERV)
  • IVS-UPD Intellio IVS Update NVR server update (yearly support)
  • IVS-CH IVS Channel license (per camera sensor)
  • IVS-CH-UPD IVS Channel Update (yearly support)

Parking Guidance Controller

Parking Guidance controllers (PGS controller) are mainly used to translate the communication protocols between each of the sensors and displays in each zone to the PGS IPARK server.

Order information

  • PGS-TCP3RS TCP3RS zone controller integrated in outdoor cabinet IP66
  • EDR120-24 DIN Rail Power Supplies 120W 24V 5A EN55022 Class A
  • NDR240-24 DIN Rail Power Supplies 240W 24V 10A Industrial Din Rail

Parking Guidance Sensors

OpenPark is offering different patented sensor / indicator products that can save a lot regarding the cable and conduits infrastructure.

The first model is an integrated Ultrasonic and LED indicator that allows for the instation location to be on the edge of the spot visible from the corridor.

This device should be installed at the side of the corridor allowing for the integrated LED to be visible for the drivers while it includes an ultrasonic sensor looking 45 degrees towards the parking spot.

With its high-quality sensor an onboard processing it can sense the presence of a car in the parking spot without being installed in the middle of the spot.

The sensor then relays the information to the zone controller integrated with the guidance LED display.

Order information

  • SP3-460127 SP3 Ultrasonic Sensor occupancy sensor
  • SP3-460159 Ceiling Bracket SP3-DPU
  • SP3-460131 Bay/slot remote indicator light Red/Green
  • SP3-460132 Bay/slot remote indicator light for disabled parking Red/Blue
  • PGS-460313T BILOGY Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor / indicator

The newest model is based on video detection where each unit integrates a 360-degree LED indicator along with one or two smart cameras. The model with one camera can detect the presence of vehicles in one direction (up to 3 spots) and the model with dual cameras can detect the presence of vehicles in the 2 sides with up to 6 spots.

Order information

  • PGS-PC-3MIP: Parking space detection camera one side (single camera)
  • PGS-PC-6MIP: Parking space detection camera dual side (Dual camera)

Parking Guidance LED displays

OpenPark displays are provided in different models suitable for different locations. Outdoor displays are used to show the number of available spaces inside the parking lot and can show one number one line or multiple lines to show the available spaces on different internal zones or levels.

SolutionRGB full color display
Pixel Pitch  5mm / 10mm (models with p5 pr p10)
LEDs  3-in-1 RGB SMD3535
Viewing angle  120 degrees
Brightness  > 6500 nits
Visual size  different form factors: 960mmx320mm, 320mm x 160mm, 640mmx160
Physical resolution  Different models as shown below
Power consumption  100W(Typ.), to 330W(max.)
Housing material  Aluminum                                                                                                               
protection gradeIP65
Standard complianceEN 55022 :2010 + AC : 2011, EN61000-3-2:2014, EN61000-3-3:2013, EN 55024:2010, LVD2006/9/5/WE, EMC2008/108/WE, EN12966-1:2005 + A1:2009, EN60950-1:2006 +  A11:2009 + A1:2010 + A12:2011 + A2:2013            

Order information

  • [PGS-P5-32-1D] LED sign single direction
  • [PGS-P5-32-2D] LED sign dual direction
  • [PGS-P5-96] Parking guidance LED-5-96 Full Matrix Display