PGS sensors

OpenPark is offering a wide range of patented sensor / indicator products that can save a lot regarding the cable and conduits infrastructure.

The first model is an integrated Ultrasonic and LED indicator that allows for the installation location to be on the edge of the spot visible from the corridor.

This device should be installed at the side of the corridor allowing for the integrated LED to be visible for the drivers while it includes an ultrasonic sensor looking 45 degrees towards the parking spot.

With its high-quality sensor an onboard processing it can sense the presence of a car in the parking spot without being installed in the middle of the spot.

The sensor then relays the information to the zone controller integrated with the guidance LED display.

The connection between the modules and the
system elements is carried out through a
communications bus RS-485 over UTC Cat-6 cables.

  • Traditional overhead ultrasonic sensors and indicators.

For locations where we need to install on higher ceiling height over 3.5 meters it is recommended to use the split sensors where the sensor is oriented directly perpendicular and connected to a separate LED indicator.

Order information

  • [PGS-IPARK] iPark Parking Guidance Server Software
  • [OP-CC1] Central controller
  • [PGS-ZC1] Zone controller
  • PGS-NC1] Node controller
  • [PGS-USS1] PARKSENSE Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor
  • PGS-USS2] SPLIT type Ultrasonic Sensor and indicator LED

PGS Video Sensor

The newest model is based on video detection where each unit integrates a 360-degree LED indicator along with one or two smart cameras. The model with one camera can detect the presence of vehicles in one direction (up to 3 spots) and the model with dual cameras can detect the presence of vehicles in the 2 sides with up to 6 spots.

Order information

  • PGS-VZC-03: OpenPark Video sensors zone controller
  • PGS-PC-3MIP: Parking space detection camera one side (single camera)
  • PGS-PC-6MIP: Parking space detection camera dual side (Dual camera)


Download datasheets from our downloads page