Smart Parking Management

Smart Parking Overview

Our offered solution aims at implementing vehicle access control system for controlling vehicle entrance and exit from the parking zones or gated facilities.

The vehicle access control solution consists of barrier gates or bollards controlled by Entry and Exit terminals and Access controllers that can identify the entering vehicle and / or driver and provide member free access or allow for ticketless accounting for parking access.

The solution also provides the infrastructure for account management, traffic reporting and financial accounting.

In all cases of vehicle entry and exit events the system can record proof of events including a snapshot from surveillance cameras, license plate cameras, RFID tag read (if available), ticket or e-ticket issued or validated.

All events captured by OpenPark smart terminals are synchronized with OpenPark cloud.

The OpenPark cloud server includes the guidance module which can collect data from all installed parking spot sensors and entry / exit terminals and provides the availability information through the portal and the mobile application through OpenPark API and control LED indicators and LED guidance displays indoor and outdoor.

Integration with THIRD PARTY

OpenPark will provide a REST API ready for integration as well as a SWAGGER API for THIRD PARTY application to pull data from our side which makes integration very fast and straight forward. We are also ready to use your API to push all events directly in real time to THIRD PARTY infrastructure. Our system also supports industry standard communication protocol OPC UA which can be used with ay SCADA, building automation or similar industrial systems. Finally, our OpenPark smart terminals support MQTT protocol for direct integration into any IOT platform.

We will offer our embedded Gate Controller in each gate which connects back to the cloud for synchronization while it can still perform all local activities even if it is offline.

OpenPark Software overview

OpenPark is an integrated Parking Management, tolling and vehicle access solution. It integrates several peripherals according to customer site needs including ANPR cameras, RFID readers, Barcode ticket dispenser and reader using secure QR-Code. It also includes a complete POS system, shift management, financial accounting and collection, ticket or ticketless solutions at dispenser or mobile application.

Every vehicle entry/exit record is documented with a snapshot and or Video clip with time stamp, relevant ticket or RFID card data used in the event.

Key Features

  • Automated vehicle entry of cars with registered license plates or using RFID tag whether short range or long range.
  • Automatic gate control with option to manually open gate from the controller web interface after video intercom call.
  • Full auditing trail of all vehicles; keeping records of entry and exit times of each vehicle, storing all incoming/outgoing car images, plate numbers, tag reads, and time stamps, keeping records of traffic, and each payment made.
  • Blacklisted vehicle alarm, warning when an unwanted car appears at the gate.
  • User and administrator access rights.
  • Unlimited number of gates can be managed from cloud server over TCP/IP
  • Multi-language Graphical User Interface (GUI) in a customizable layout.
  • Open integration for any third-party software or management system.
  • Map SCADA view allows for real time monitoring of all parking elements including:
    • Traffic counters
    • Parking spot status (Busy, Free, reserved, …)
    • Parking LED indicator
    • Parking guidance LED displays indoor and outdoor

Order information

  • OP-SERV OpenPark Server License
  • OP-SERV-REDU OpenPark Server Redundancy License
  • OP-SERV-IOT OpenPark IOT Gateway (requires OpenPark Cloud subscription)
  • OP-ACM OpenPark Access Control Manager
  • OP-LPR OpenPark LPR license
  • OP-VCA-1 OpenPark Make and Model
  • OP-VCA-2 OpenPark Diver face
  • OP-POS OpenPark POS
  • OP-CTL OpenPark controller License
  • SAS license subscription
  • OP-CLOUD OpenPark IOT Server (Cloud) per OpenPark Smart Terminal per month
  • Software Support and update
  • OP-CTL-UPD OpenPark controller license (OP-CTL) support and update per year (per gate controller)
  • OP-LPR-UPD OpenPark controller license (OP-LPR) support and update per year (per camera)


All OpenPark gate equipment are managed through the OpenPark cloud infrastructure.

OpenPark gate controller is an industrial appliance that runs the proxy server for the central OpenPark cloud software for gate management, monitoring, LPR processing, access control, and reporting. It can fully operate even if Internet connection is down and will synchronize when the connection is up.

Gate Barriers

OpenPark is offering the best quality electromechanical gate barriers as the standard barrier for all gates in its the projects. The newly launched Challenger OP-CH-600 barriers product line includes models from 4 to 8 meters providing reliable long-life maintenance free, fast open and close actions. With each barrier we are offering a Red/Green LED indicator that is directly connected to the barrier for flash indication according to arm movement.

Long range RFID reader (optional)

OpenPark integrated Tagmaster long range RFID readers as an optional entry access control solution at gates that may requires members only to access in all weather conditions even if the license plate were not registered. This could be used for portable account used by different trucks for example. It can be used for entry even if the license plate is dusty or not readable.

OpenPark Gateways

OpenPark Gateways are industrial appliances that are installed on-site to establish local communication with the diverse sensor and actuators, run OpenPark engine software, provide local web dashboard and synchronize all data with the OpenPark Cloud.

OpenPark Gate controller to integrate License plate recognition camera with OpenPark Gate barrier to open for registered cars and control a LED traffic sign with Green Arrow or Red Cross. It also provides remote control through software interface from web back-office or from Mobile app.

It is optionally integrated into the OpenPark Entry and Exit Terminals

  • Intel® i5-i7 Processors
  • 1x DDR3L SO-DIMM
  • 1x HDMI and 1xDP for display output
  • 1x GbE LAN for Ethernet
  • 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 for USB device connection
  • 4x RS232/422/485 for serial device connection
  • 1x SATA 3.0 HDD / SSD for storage
  • 1x M.2 Key A for Wi-Fi / Bluetooth expansion

The OGC is integrated as an option for the Entry or Exit Terminal. In case LPR is required (OGC-002)

If not LPR is required, the OGC-01 is only required with integrated barrier control function.

Order information

  • OP-EGC-01 OpenPark IP Access Controller
  • OP-EGC-02: Entry gate controller with LPR CPU

Traffic counters

OpenPark gate entry and exit terminal are also counting the traffic through the server registration of entry/exit events and the number of available spaces is then calculated. On other locations in the parking lot, OpenPark IOT data collector / controller can also be connected to loop detectors in pairs to perform directional counting and report to the server. The pair of loops will allow for direction awareness and the controller will send the pulses to OpenPark Gate Controller to synchronize with OpenPark Parking Management cloud application.

Order information

  • OP-EGC-03:                OpenPark Counting Controller

Entry and Exit terminals

OpenPark entry and exit terminals are the main access control terminals at parking gates where entry terminal can allow for automated entry through RFID tag, QR code one time pass, or License plate recognition (LPR) camera. It can also dispense a blank RFID card as option or even for legacy system requirements it can print a ticket for guests and exit terminals would check the status of the ticket on the system if it were already paid then the exit terminal can open the gate.

With each entry and exit event the LPR camera will take a snapshot of the license plate and the number would be recognized on the OpenPark server on local proxy Gate controller or directly on the OpenPark cloud.

The entry terminals can also control gate LED displays to show the number of free spots or any other programmable messages with possibility of customizing data from OpenPark server database through customization module.


  • Time and date display, Voice prompt.
  • QR code ticket printing and scanning.
  • Removable ticket tray with capacity of 1000 fan-folded tickets (expandable with additional trays)
  • Online and offline operation with server synchronization through TCP/IP
  • Available communication interfaces: Ethernet port, WIIF integrated module, USB, RS-232
  • Battery backup for real-time clock.
  • Thermostatically controlled heater/ventilation fan with on/off/auto switch.
  • Operating temp -10 deg C to 70 deg C
  • IP65 outdoor protected housing
  • Access control optional support for Mifare RFID (13.5MHz), Proximity cards (125KHz), Long range RFID (UHF EPC Global), QR code printed ticket, anonymous ticket printing for guest through push button, mobile app scanning for gate QR code through cloud solution or remotely by operator.
  • License plate recognition option supported, requires the OGC (OpenPark Gate controller) and OP-LPR (License plate recognition) engine license
  • Multiple ticket option through administration interface according to RFID card or pre-printed ID with QR code.
  • Special ticket for valet parking.
  • Ticket sensor for low or empty tray
  • IP Voice Intercom based on SIP protocol to integrated with any third-party IP telephony or standard based Intercom solution or even with IP integrated radio systems.

Order information

  • ES-01: Basic Entry / Exit Terminal with Barcode checker
  • ES-02: with Barcode ticket printer
  • ES-03: Barcode ticket checker, Bluetooth mobile access
  • ES-0x-RF: Integrated RFID reader
  • ES-0x-RF-P: Proximity
  • ES-0x-RF-M: Mifare RFID type with card reader
  • ES-0x-RF-MD: Mifare RFID type with card dispenser
  • ES-0x-RF-L: Long range
  • ES-0x-V: Audio Video intercom
  • EGC-01: IP Gate Access Controller with barrier/door control

For street Parking

  • OP-SP-01 OpenPark Smart Pole Terminal (street parking)

Parking Accounting terminals

OpenPark provides manned and self-service ticket payment solutions that includes a rugged touch screen display and running OpenPark kiosk application that allows for scanning the ticket and calculating the fees. It also allows the car owner to pay with credit card or cash and receive a paper or electronic receipt via email or SMS.


  • Online communication to remote computer through TCP/IP over wired or wireless communication
  • Operating temp -10 deg C to 70 deg C
  • Housing is environmentally protected to IP65 rating
  • Integrate with on premise or cloud based OpenPark server.
  • Compute parking fees based on entry times on ticket from ticket dispenser using 2D barcode scanner integrated.
  • Compute multiple taxes by percent and fixed amount as per parameters set in OpenPark admin interface.
  • Programmable lost ticket function.
  • Self-service payment with fee display and accounting.
  • Accept payment by cash and credit/debit card (PCI 5 compliant pin pad and chip card reader and NFC for Visa and Master)
  • Support loyalty cards and memberships.
  • Print receipts on demand.
  • Remote management from OpenPark server with centralized reports.
  • Unlimited ticket types and discount rates.
  • Built-in service diagnostics and service mode for maintenance.
  • Local log for validation of server-based reporting for cash and ticket events.
  • Integrated camera for personal image recording with each transaction

e-Payment all in one solution

  • PCI PTS 5.X with PIN on Glass and SRED certification
  • ISO 14443 Type A/B, ISO 18092 Peer to Peer, MIFARE, FeliCa
  • AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Interac, UPI
  • Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay,
  • Apple Pay VAS, Google Pay SmartTap 2.1
  • TDES, AES, Transarmor RSA and TDES
  • Remote Key Injection
  • Common L2 contact kernel; EMV L1 and L2 contact and contactless

Order information

  • OP-PS-01-RFM-CC OpenPark self-service Pay-station (credit / debit card reader)
  • OP-PS-01-RFM-CC OpenPark self-service Pay-station (cash collector)

Parking fee computer

Integrated touch screen POS machine that runs OpenPark point of sales interface on a regular web browser with integrated cash drawer (optional), receipt printer and 2D barcode scanner to read the ticket for matching with data stored on OpenPark server.

CPUIntel J1800G, 2.41GHz dual-core Processor
Memory2G DDRIII (Max 8G*1 slot)
Hard Disk128G SSD
PowerExternal Power Supply, Input:110V-240V 50/63Hz 2A, Output: 12V DC 8A 96W MAX
Interface1 PS/2 mouse & 1 PS/2 keyboard 4-6 USB ports 1 LAN port 1-2 Serial ports 1VGA port 1 Audio input (MIC) 1 Audio output
Monitor15″ Touch LVDS LED capacitive touch panel Resolution: 1024*768
Customer displayOptional: VFD customer display with 2 lines,40 digits

Order information

  • OP-POSH OpenPark POS Machine
  • OP-POS OpenPark POS license