Ticketing and Access Control System (TACS)

OpenPark pedestrian IP Access Controller can be used at any door access, elevator access or ticket checker at turnstile gates. OpenPark IP Access controller can synchronise internal access list with OpenPark local gateway or OpenPark cloud.

OpenPark IP Access controller (OP-EGC-01) can monitor 8 status sensors and control 4 relay actuators.

Sensors could be door contacts, exit push buttons, elevator request button, or even barrier manual open push button.

The relay outputs can control electronic door locks, activation signal for elevator panel or barrier open / close control line.

OpenPark IP Access controller can authenticate the user by different technologies like QR code scanners, NFC readers, RFID long range readers. It also can integrate a video intercom to allow a remote operator to open the gate after verifying the identity of the person at the gate.

The Access controller can come with wall mount accessory or pole mount accessory.

OpenPark TT is a ticketing terminal specially designed for leisure applications such as stadiums, fun parks, aqua parks, fitness centers, zoo parks etc. This terminal is developed to read a variety of barcodes formats, QR codes, RFID cards and wristbands. OpenPark TT can ensure a large internal memory for off-line ticket verification in case of communication failure and anti-pass back feature.

It comes either flush mount or turnstile top standing.


Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50/60HZ, Max.1.5A
Operating temp-10℃-60℃
Card Reader type:RFID 13.5 MHz
RFID Reading range5-10cm
QR ticket readerIndustrial 2D imager support 1 D & 2D Barcode Read capability Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417, QRCODE
Verification time<1s
LCD Display:LCD display 2 lines
Intelligent Control Unit  Number of I/O: 8 inputs and 4 relay outputs Serial interface for QR scanner, RFID reader and relay control for gates
CommunicationTCP/IP over Ethernet and WIFI Direct MQTT communication protocol with OpenPark Parking Management Server

Order information

  • OP-EGC-01 OpenPark IP Access Controller
  • [ES-03-1D]: RFID and Barcode ticket checker with MQTT interface
  • [ES-04-RF]: Embedded RFID reader with MQTT interface
  • [ES-05]: RFID reader with MQTT interface and IO for door status
  • [ES-06]: RFID and Biometric reader with keypad
  • OP-TSM: Turnstile mounting kit.
  • OP-PDL: Post 100 cm for parking entry posts