Engineering Services

Our engineering services can be provided to either the local governments planning to build ITS solutions for highways, tunnels or for urban traffic control. We may also offer our services to main contractors in charge of design and build of such ITS infrastructure projects. We offer integrated design services for real estate developers planning to build smart communities with smart streets and smart homes.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

We have a long experience with all ITS implementations for highways, urban traffic and tunnel management systems.

Engineering consulting services

We offer clear vision, strategy and guidance throughout the steps of planning and design up to final implementation, testing and commissioning and ongoing support.

Design phase services

  • Customer requirements analysis and documentation
  • Tender document preparation
  • Apply evaluation formulae according to evaluation criteria to identify recommended suppliers.
  • Confirm identity of preferred suppliers.
  • Prepare a complete bill of materials with final prices based on the selected preferred suppliers.
  • Prepare Contract Award letters to different suppliers
  • Prepare Contracts with selected suppliers.
  • Prepare a complete conceptual and functional design documents based on selected supplier’s products and solutions.
  • Design and deliver the required training for field implementation teams
  • Plan and attend the Factory Acceptance Tests at supplier’s factories (whenever one is needed) together with contractor and end user representatives.
  • Support with end user warehouse acceptance of delivered items

Build phase implementation support

  • Perform the role of contractor’s or owner’s representative as per the contract
  • Prepare for Final System Design (FSD) exercise (validation of System/Subsystem Contractor’s detailed design).
  • Establish presence and staffing in Project Office onsite.
  • Respond to queries from end user & contractor throughout project Design/Build phases.
  • Liaise and resolve any technical issues between end user & Contractor throughout project Design/Build phase.
  • Make available any specialist Expert needed to resolve issues throughout Design/Build phase.
  • Review suppliers’ Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) schedule and approve.
  • Attend, witness and sign off SAT procedure on behalf of contractor or end-user.
  • Attend, witness and sign off Commissioning procedure with contractor staff.
  • Monitor fault free Period and accept ‘Handover’ on behalf of contractor / end-user.
  • Attend witness and sign off Integration and regression testing activities on behalf of contractor / end-user.
  • Prepare Completion Certificates and entry into Warranty period.
  • Host monthly (or as necessary) progress meetings with suppliers and report to contractor throughout D&B phase.
  • Prepare final As Built drawings and system manuals in collaboration with all suppliers and deliver an Operation and System manual with preventive maintenance schedule for all delivered systems.
  • May also provide management and operation support for control rooms and other operational systems.

Independent Software Solutions

We offer a full spectrum of software development capabilities and services from integration with our automation capabilities to mobile applications to business intelligence. Our talented developers and engineers are ready to help you solve your problems with the right mix of technology and expertise. We follow a regimented and proven project methodology and use our own in house project management software to effectively and efficiently manage your project, whether it is 50 labor hours or over 5,000 labor hours. This increased coordination and efficiency results in more projects finishing on time and under budget. Our independence and engineering background put us a step above other software only companies.

Company Experience

Wherever you are in your product life cycle or development program, adding OpenPark to your team gives you the capabilities and insight to meet your goals—and far more than you’ll get at any development-only firm:

  • A team with special experience in software development related to control system integration like integrating building control, tunnel management, number plate recognition into enterprise applications like SCADA MMI, traffic management, or other.
  • Market and development insight from people who recommend, buy, implement and support instrumentation and control technologies for clients every day.

Software services

  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Software Product Development
  • Software Testing and Issue Tracking
  • Training, Maintenance and on-site Support
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Commissioning and Startup
  • Technical Software Specification
  • Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototyping and Mock-ups
  • Documentation

Video surveillance

Our services include technology selection, optics and lens selection, streaming bandwidth and storage requirements, special cameras like Automatic number plate recognition, video content analysis, automatic incident detection, and more.

IP Telephony systems

We help our customers to design and select the best IP PABX and devices required to implement cost effective and efficient voice communications with both fixed and mobile client phones over the enterprise network and over WAN infrastructure.

Parking and Access control

Our services covers the design and recommendation of best practices related to personnel and vehicle access control as well as complete parking systems with parking guidance.

Building Automation

Our services include the design and best practices and selection of vendors for the implementation of building automation systems including equipment control, lighting control, fire alarm integration, HVAC and more.

Our services can be provided to large buildings as well as small residential buildings and villas for luxury smart home automation and security services.